German band Sommerplatte are Hanno Busch (Guitar), Tobias Philippen (Keys),  Florian Bungardt (Drums) and Claus Fischer (Bass).

I met Hanno, Tobias and Florian as members of PeterLicht when I joined the band as their bass player in 2012.

As Sommerplatte they had recorded their debut album, but they couldn’t make it sound the way they had imagined.

Crossing a 1.000.000 kilometers on tour with PeterLicht, we discussed how to approach their record. They handed me the recordings and back in the studio I started developing a sound for the record.

They liked what they heard and I became their co-producer and mixer.

  • Released2013
  • catalogFT002 4260357910025
  • LabelFrutex Tracks
  • RoleProducer, Mix