Magnetic Tape

I was always interested in analog audio. Sadly, the day I started working in a recording studio, the tape machine had just been rolled out the door.

In 2011 I found my dream recorder: A Studer A800 MKIII.

Original owner, CTS studios London, sold this machine to Atlantis in LA. It stayed there for 10 years. I bought it in 2011 from a swiss producer and installed it in my studio, Hedgehog Recorders.

The day I started using the machine, a whole new world of audio engineering opened up. There are so many great sounds you can easily achive using magnetic tape.

Today I use it all the time for recording-, as well as mix-sessions. Hedgehog Recorders’s SSL AWS 948 analog 24-track inline desk with full SSL automation is the perfect combination.

I do purely analog productions, recording to the Studer A800, mixing analog through the SSL to a Studer A820 mastering machine. Listen to Chogori for example.

Another tried and tested way of recording is recording basic tracks to tape and transfering them to digital. The new AD/DA converters at Hedgehog Recorders perfectly preserve the sound of analog tape, while Pro Tools gives you all the comfort you’d expect today.

Last not least, I regularily use tape in mix-sessions as another colour on the palette. I would transfer individual signals or groups of signals to tape and back to seperate them from purely digital elements of the mix. Or to glue drums and bass, or to make harsh sounds soft without eq. And of course saturation often helps …

If you are a mix eingineer looking for tape colouration, send me your digital multitracks and I will transfer them to tape and back. People were quite happy with this process and with the results.