Natural Echo

For me, among the most pleasing parts of record production belongs the creation of virtual acoustic space in recordings/mixes.
I’d try and collect every piece of equipment that might help creating unusual and moody athmospheres. Sometimes a broken spring reverb is the best choice.
But nothing beats this invaluable, yet affordable approach: Natural Echo !

“Why don’t you use a plugin?” you might say. Of course I use altiverb every day, but a real room is different. The recording of natural echo not only sounds great, it’s also a document. It will never sound the same twice. The music really filled this very room and the recording will preserve this moment for ever.

That’s beautyful and I believe it’s worth the effort. You’d find natural echo in virtually every mix I do, allthough you might not indentify echo at all …


We used this former store as a giant echo chamber for the mix of The Aberrations’ Crossing All The Lines.
Speaker: Vox AC 30 / Pickup: Coles 4038 (M/S stereo)