Hi, I’m Lorenz

I’m a recording studio geek from Düsseldorf, Germany.
I mainly work at the studio recording, producing and/or mixing music.
Every once in a while I go on tour as a backing musician to see what’s going on outside the studio.
Last not least, I also write music!
If things go well, this website gives you an insight into my work and my approach …
cell 0049 173 21 05 889
c/o Music Making People – Graf-Adolf-Str. 16 – 40212 Düsseldorf


11.03.2018Hedgehog Recorders Studio Session #4
09.10.2017Fin de Mission
26.10.2016Hedgehog Recorders Studio Session #3
28.10.2015Hedgehog Recorders Studio Session #2
09.07.2015Magnetic Tape
01.06.2015Aberrations – The Wild Life
16.10.2014Natural Echo
14.08.2014PeterLicht – Lob der Realität
09.08.2014Das zweite Album
02.06.2014Steve Savage Piano Sessions
08.04.2014The Aberrations – Recording Session
13.01.2014Recording Strings
30.09.2013Chogori – Recording Session
20.09.2013Eric Pfeil und der Süden – Live
01.08.2013The Fog Joggers – From Heart To Toe
10.07.2012PeterLicht Tour
16.11.2011Bechstein Grand Piano
23.10.2011PeterLicht – Video Dreh
20.07.2011PeterLicht – Das Ende der Beschwerde

Recent work